Tuesday, February 23

They're coming...

I'm having a hard time patiently waiting. Two things: of course the first is my trip to Ecuador, and the second is SPRING! Everyone in Minne will be slightly more bubbly, day by day, as it gets sunny and warm. I'm glad I get to opt-out of the cold a bit early (or late, considering I did choose to come back to the cold from LA). Ecuador is going to be much more toasty at this time of year. Is anyone else planning a trip for spring break?

A suitcase full of my ideal vacation adornments would include stuff like this.

spring break
 For the list of items, prices, etc. check it out at Polyvore.

What would you put in your suitcase?


Monday, February 15

Look what I found!

If you like music,
(which you better, or please leave and never come back)
you should get bunch of free songs on iTunes from NYLON magazine!
It was originally their "Holiday List" but don't worry, the songs have nothing to do with jingle bells or dradles.

Some of the songs you may have heard before, such as the power-grunge band The Boxer Rebellion's "Evacuate". On the other hand, some of the songs you'll definitely delete the moment you hear them. (For instance "Might Like You Better" by Amanda Blank will NOT be a favorite of yours unless you're into foul lyrics and dirty electronics.) There's a little bit of this, and a little bit of that. A little bit of chill Cass McCombs, and a little bit of strange darkness from YACHT, and a little more on the rock-n-roll side of things they have White Denim or White Rabbits (sorry no White Stripes). Oh, and the song titled "Woof Woof" on this mix is possibly the most obnoxious song I've ever heard.

Just click here, then click Download on iTunes. Simple. Each song is pretty unique, so whatever you like, there might be something for you. And it's free. Need I say more?

OH, and when you're done listening, come back and comment to let us all know what you think. Do you agree with me on some of them? Which ones do you love? Hate?


Sunday, February 14

New COOL Recordings!


The phenomenal, internationally known, and well-distinguished artist Rude Kevin just released three new recordings on his MySpace page. You have to listen NOW and tell all your friends.

While you're at it, definitely check the artists that everyone's talking about: world-famous celebrities Wyatt's Torch, another awe-inspiring group of musicians to come out of Minneapolis!

Thursday, February 11

Coming SO Soon!

Here it comes, our trip to Ecuador will begin March 4th!
We're still taking donations for Hands for Humanity to cover all the costs of the trip. If you or anyone you know is interested send (tax-deductible) checks written to Hands for Humanity to:
1008 Southwind Drive
Burnsville, MN 55306

Here's simplified version of our itinerary:
March 4:
Take off, one quick stop in Atlanta, then arriving in Quito around 11PM
March 5-12:
Arrive in Esmeraldas which is one of the northernmost cities, literally on the coast
March 12-17:
Kevin and I will be going wherever we want for 4 nights so we're still deciding what city we'll be exploring (Guyaquil, Otovano, Banos, Cuenca... so many choices)
March 17-26:
Staying in Portoviejo (spending the day in Crucita on the 20th) back to Quito to fly back at 11:30PM
March 27:
Arrive back in Minnesota around 9:30AM

We will have very limited computer access throughout the trip and our cell phones will not work at all, but will update when we can, and when we get home. I would love to have your thoughts and suggestions for our trip! Feel free to leave a comment below or email me.