Tuesday, September 6

what you can do in one year, or in one day

It has been almost a year since I've blogged. I made so many excuses... ("I don't have time" etc.)

What has happened in this one year?
I spent half in New Zealand and half in Minnesota.

Here's the shortest version possible of the New Zealand half:
(You probably won't understand this. But I will, so it's OK)

- Flew into Auckland to have Jarrod pick me up, breakfast in Ponsonby (eggs benedict w/salmon)
- Drove to Rotorua and got up before dawn for the natural hot springs
- Rolled around at Mt. Manganui Beach
- Drove through the north island enjoying the beautiful landscape
- Stayed in Gisborne (Gizzy) at Nigel & Marcel's
- Enjoyed pizza at the Wainui store and Rabbit Ranch red wine
- Arrived in Waipukurau and stayed with Jarrod and Brad at 10 Highgrove
- Hey, I have time for cooking!?
- November took me to Coromandel at Driving Creek Cafe
- WWOOF'd for a month there... dishes, sammies, coffees
- Met amazing people
- Worked with Jenna, Jacob, Tamara, Alex, Hollin, Anusara, Paula and Mehow
- Sauna at Mana Retreat Centre
- Walked 30 minutes into town for sunscreen and lollies
- Tramped through the bush on a trail made of stairs
- "I'm her mom" ... "nooo she's not"
- Made mini origami elephant, giraffe, and crane
- Bought a ukulele and learned the basics
- Crashed my boyfriend's car (an accident, of course) in Gizzy
- Moved rooms 3 times at Puka Resort to get away from the loud wedding
- Hot water beach... too lazy to get shovels and dig
- Went on a hike at Cathedral Cove
- Kayaked through a marine reserve for makeshift coffee on the beach
- Stayed a night in Whitianga to have a flat tyre in the morning
- Back to Waipuk in December, 7 hour bus to Wellsford
- Spent 4 rainy days in middle of nowhere, alone with blind/deaf dog on farm
- Pulled garlic, turned compost, hoed and hilled, picked strawberries
- Best first Xmas away from immediate family.. spent with Jarrod's family
- Xmas brunch at Christine's ...banana pancakes with hokey pokey ice cream
- Lunch at John's and backyard cricket games "drop the bat!"
- Rhythm & Vines Festival over new year's (Chromeo, Justice, NERD, Tinie Tempah, etc)
- Looked for apartments in Auckland, got shot down on high street
- Stayed two weeks with 2 Muslim brothers in loudest apartment ever (next door to police/fire)
- Moved in at 604 in Parnell with Daniel and his mighty laugh
- Visited Alex in Raglan surf town
- Drove to Wanganui with Jarrod to see Jemma & Kritzo's new house
- Stayed at Piazza Verde in Apiti with Peter and Barbara on the lavender farm
- Shared cheeky sav with Christine and flew back to Akl
- Blowout interview at Vada
- Akl museum for 2 days
- Saw bunches of cute penguins at Kelly Tarlton's underwater world
- Picnic at Simunovich Olive Estate on a beautiful sunny day
- Wellington in February with Alex to see Jacob
- Ferry to Nelson, hitchhike to Manahau
- Hiked 4 days with no idea what we were doing
- Hitchhiked back to Nelson for flight to Akl
- Jemma & Kritzo visit Akl, Gypsy Tea Room & Jafa
- Flight to Fiji for 6 hour layover, flight back to Los Angeles
- Oh, did I mention that I also fell in love?


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  1. What a year -- or 6 months it's been for you, Maggie! It made me so happy to see your blog pop up in my Google Reader again! I had missed you and love reading about your adventures. Much love from Greece!