Friday, March 12

Monday March 8

I finally used the internet for the first time today. They don’t have wireless anywhere around our resort that I’m aware of, but they let me use the (only) computer at their check in desk at the resort. I was only online for about 10 minutes, but good thing, because my mom was starting to freak (rightfully so) since we hadn’t had contact in about 4 days, since we left the comfort of Robbie and Joanna’s house to attempt to make it to our resort without complications, and I thought I’d have the internet every day here. But it was nice to be able to respond to my mom’s emails, and then to be on Facebook for a minute. My sister Ellen was online so I got to share a little bit with her and got an update from little Ben (he wanted to tell me that he was eating a cookie).
Anyways, yesterday we basically just slept in, went to the beach, had an amazing esalada de fruita con helado (a huge fruit salad with ice cream for $3) from the bar on the beach, along with a couple of the local beers, Club and Pilsner.
Basically, the rest of the day consisted of relaxation. I made some pasta for dinner, the only pasta sauce that Kevin could find at the tiny market was basically Ketchup, and we’ve deducted that they don’t do a lot with tomato products here, but Kevin liked it. We found a TV station that was playing movies in English that were just subtitled in Spanish (everything else was voiced-over). So, we watched the movie Bad Boys and made popcorn.
 ketchup crap.
Not planning on doing a whole lot today, just got some cereal and milk from the store, I don’t find it super delicious, but better than nothing and Kev likes it. Oh yeah, and yesterday someone gave us a fake five dollar bill with our change, and we didn’t notice until we tried to buy something and the girl at check out told us it was “falso”. Really, who makes fake fives?

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