Friday, March 12

Wednesday March 10

El cielo es azul! When I woke up today it was about 9am and the sun was shining brighter than it has since I’ve been here. Kevin was still sleeping so I went and used the internet for a little while, had to send a few quick emails and got to Facebook chat with Jeanine (Kevin’s mom) which was nice! Then I went back to the condo, Kevin woke up, I threw on my bathing suit and grabbed the sunblock because I didn’t want to miss the rays. We went to the beach for a few hours and it was nice and hot, the water is warm here too. A few guys were trying to surf but the waves aren’t very big so their attempt didn’t last very long. There are butterflies everywhere here and on the beach there are little crabs that scuttle around and poke in and out of holes in the sand. It’s about one o’clock now and we’re going to grab some lunch, I’ll let you know how it goes!
So we went to get lunch and ordered something to share, Arroz de Cameron, and we had no idea what it was when we ordered it. It ended up being rice with shrimp and seasoned with a few peppers, with some plantain on top. It was pretty good, cost about $8 and was more than both of us could finish. We hung out with our amigos at the bar on the beach and watched Jet Li’s “Fearless” voiced over in English, but subtitled in Spanish so all of us could understand it.
There is some sort of light coral colored lizard that keeps poking out from behind a frame in the living room of our place.

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