Friday, March 5

Yo no habla Espanol muy bien...

We made it!
I slept on the plane from Minneapolis to Atlanta, and on the flight from Atlanta to Ecuador watched two movies (Distract 9 and Whip It, both good). So the traveling went pretty quickly. We arrived in Quito at 11pm and after getting really strange looks and questioning from customs (because of having a huge duffel bag full of teddy bears, which were for the orphanage, but they obviously didn't know that) Robbie picked us up from the airport and brought us to his house in Cumbaya. He lives here with his fiance, Johana, her brother who is currently in Germany so we won't get to meet him, and another room mate, Wilson.

the walk back to Robbie's

It's been about 80-85 degrees today. Kevin and I walked to a little bakery/convenience store this morning for breakfast (the pastries were 10 cents each) then came back and watched a little Family Guy with Robbie and Wilson before they went to play basketball, and we just walked around and explored a bit. There's a park not far from Robbie's and there is a school nearby; the people here, mostly the children, couldn't seem to pry their eyes off of the "gringos" (white people) which we heard them saying to each other on every block. I'm just trying to soak up the culture here because it's such an extreme difference from Minnesota. The only thing that makes me a little nervous is the language barrier (even in Spanish speaking areas of LA I still always knew that I could find someone who I'd be able to communicate with). I wish I could say I remembered more from high school Spanish class, but I've got the utmost basics, and a phrase book that will come out when needed. I've realized that since I learned French more recently than Spanish, I tend to make my Spanish words sound French which is even more confusing, but also slightly entertaining.

the park

Johana had a big exam today, she's in med school, but when she gets home we're taking everyone out for a late lunch. After that, we'll be getting on a night bus to Esmeraldas which will probably take 6 hours or so, and then a short ride to Same, the beach we're staying on. We'll check in at Green 9 tomorrow morning and I just want to lay on the beach for a few days!

Adios amigos.

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