Saturday, March 13

Thursday March 11

Last night we ordered some food from the restaurant at the resort called Mogli’s (like from the Jungle Book), again without having a clue what we were ordering. It was called Mixto and it ended up being a sort of chicken fried rice with different seasonings on it and plantain (if you haven’t had plantain before, is basically like a cooked banana, but it tastes better than it sounds, or looks).

Today was our last day at Green 9 Resort so we’re leaving Same tomorrow morning to take a bus back to Quito. We slept in and packed all of our stuff today so we won’t have to do it in the morning. We’re both pretty tired and not really looking forward to traveling tomorrow because we don’t know where we’re staying yet and it is a little exhausting to be on a bus that long. We also have been daydreaming about the food we miss from back home; things like homemade salsa and buffalo wings (or anything really spicy, haven’t had that here). Kevin said he misses his guitars a lot, but he mostly misses Seth. But even though we miss our family, friends, and conveniences of home, we are both looking forward to getting back to Quito for a few days and even more excited to meet up with the Hands for Humanity group and get to Portoviejo to start working with the kids! Alright, time for bed

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